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Radhe Exchange Admin Panel

Welcome to the Radhe Exchange Admin Panel. As an admin, you have the crucial role of managing and overseeing the various aspects of the platform to ensure a seamless and secure experience for our players.



The Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of the platform’s performance metrics. Here, you can monitor key indicators such as user activity, transaction volumes, and game statistics in real-time. The intuitive interface ensures that you can quickly grasp essential data and make informed decisions.


User Management

The User Management module allows you to manage player accounts effortlessly. This includes:

  • User registration and verification: Oversee the registration process and ensure that only verified users can access the platform.

  • Account suspension and reactivation: Suspend or reactivate user accounts based on platform policies and user behavior.

  • User activity monitoring: Keep track of user activities to detect any suspicious behavior and to ensure fair gameplay.

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Financial Transactions

Manage all financial transactions smoothly with the Financial Transactions module. This includes:

  • Deposit and withdrawal management: Process user deposits and withdrawals efficiently and securely.

  • Transaction history: Access detailed records of all transactions for auditing and compliance purposes.

  • Payment gateway integration: Configure and manage various payment gateways to facilitate seamless transactions.


Game Management

The Game Management section empowers you to maintain and update the rich library of games offered on Radhe Exchange. This includes:

  • Game addition and removal: Add new games to the platform or remove outdated or less popular ones.

  • Game configuration: Configure game settings, rules, and betting limits to ensure an engaging experience for users.

  • Game performance analytics: Analyze the performance of different games to make data-driven decisions about the platform’s offerings.


Promotions and Bonuses

The Promotions and Bonuses module helps you design and manage promotional campaigns to attract and retain users. This includes:

  • Campaign creation: Create engaging promotions, bonus offers, and incentives for new and existing users.

  • Promotion tracking: Monitor the performance of promotional campaigns and adjust strategies as needed.

  • User engagement: Analyze how different promotions impact user engagement and betting activity.


Security and Compliance

Ensure that Radhe Exchange remains a safe and compliant platform with the Security and Compliance module. This includes:

  • Data security: Implement and maintain robust security measures to protect user data and platform integrity.

  • Regulatory compliance: Ensure adherence to all relevant laws and regulations governing online betting and gambling.

  • Fraud detection and prevention: Utilize advanced tools to detect and prevent fraudulent activities on the platform.


Reports and Analytics

The Reports and Analytics section provides detailed insights into the platform’s performance across various parameters. This includes:

  • Customizable reports: Generate reports tailored to specific metrics and timeframes.

  • Data visualization: Utilize graphical representations to better understand trends and patterns.

  • Decision support: Leverage data-driven insights to make strategic decisions and enhance platform performance.

Support and Help Desk

The Support and Help Desk module allows you to resolve user issues promptly and efficiently. This includes:

  • Ticket management: Track and manage user support tickets from submission to resolution.

  • Knowledge base: Maintain a repository of FAQs and common issues to help users find quick solutions.

  • User communication: Communicate with users directly through the platform to provide timely assistance.

Thank you for being a part of the Radhe Exchange team. Together, we can ensure the best possible experience for our users and maintain our status as the premier online betting casino in India.

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